commissioning form

Network 220 commissions individuals that are associated with a Network 220 member ministry.  This form is only for those who are applying to be commissioned as a minister by Network 220.   

Click HERE for the form.

A Commissioning Applicant is ready for processing once we have received the Commissioning Form, the Endorsement Form, and the $100 Commissioning Application Fee has been paid.  A board member will contact you for a brief interview.  Applicants are reviewed/evaluated on a quarterly basis on the following schedule:


                                                          Application Received                                          Application Evaluated

                                                          January to March                                                 April

                                                          April to June                                                        July

                                                         July to September                                                October

                                                         October to December                                         January


                                           NOTE:  Approved applicants will be commissioned at the annual Convention 220 in the spring and will pay the $50 annual commissioning renewal fee.