The 220 Seminar/Workshop

Depending on the specific ministry office, this training opportunity may vary from one day to three days in length.  This is an introductory seminar and/or workshop that presents the basics of the Galatians 2:20 message.

The 220 Course

This is a multi-month training course that typically meets once per week.  Numerous topics related to forgiveness, freedom from the law, identity in Christ, and new life in Him are covered.  Various instructors offer special topics throughout the multi-month period and the course includes interactive workshop-style breakout groups and personal sharing on a regular basis.  Once a person has completed The 220 Course, they can apply to participate in The 220 Internship.  (Terminology used for each of these phases of training may vary depending on the ministry office.)

The 220 Internship

This is a multi-week internship designed to prepare you to become a 220 Counselor or Teacher.  In this internship, you will first learn basic principles related to 220 counseling and teaching.  Then you will be given the opportunity to observe 220 counseling in action.  Finally, you will have the chance to implement what you learn as you engage in counseling another person under the direction of a staff member.  (Again, the details related to this internship may vary from one office to the next.  Please consult your local ministry office for a more specific description of their program requirements.)