knowing God's Truth in the
storms of life

2024 Network 220 Convention

This year, we focus on the vital theme “ANCHORED: Knowing God’s Truth in the Storms of Life”, addressing how to find comfort and fortitude in God’s truth amidst life's trials. We’re excited to welcome a host of renowned speakers, including Dr. Andrew Farley, John Lynch, Ralph Harris, and many others, who will offer their valuable insights and personal stories. Convention 220 is not just an event; it's a source of inspiration and a powerful reminder of God's unwavering truth in our lives.

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Network 220

Network 220 (named after Galatians 2:20) is an international network of more than 110 churches, counseling ministries, and training ministries throughout the United States and beyond. Each ministry is unique, with many offering discipleship, counseling, training, and various conferences and seminars designed to build you up in the life-changing message of your new identity in Jesus Christ!

Through our website, you can get connected with friends, ministries, and churches who share a passion for the life-changing message in the Gospel. This site offers general information about the network, details about our upcoming convention, recommended reading, and a large index of our 110+ office locations.