The Unknown


Yolanda Stith

Why are Christians so fearful about the unknown, which lead them to become anxious and worry? Mostly, because they don't know what the future holds for them and they imagine all sorts of things will or might happen. We want to know, because we want to have a sense of control, but, in reality, "knowing" doesn't really give us control. The paradox is that the more we try to control the more out-of-control we will become.

The unknown presents us with an opportunity to discover and experience the reality of who God is in our lives. In other words, is He really for you? Is He really interested in you and involved in your life? As you look back on your journey with Him, has He not used "all things" in your life to bring about goodness and blessing, even if pain was involved?

Here are five reasons to trust God with the unknown:

1. He already knows your future circumstances and has a solution for them - God already knew every choice you would ever make, everything that would ever happen, and He has a plan (a really good plan) already in place taking all your choices into consideration.

2. He is Good - God's definition of "good" is very different than ours; His might involve things that are painful, ours does not. What God calls good, often, we call evil. Hence the reason why Adam and Eve were not to eat from the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil. God is most interested in your freedom and ability to live as He designed you--in dependence on Him.

3. He is Sovereign - There is nothing in this world that can cancel out God's plan or over-come His power. He's the Man. Everything in His universe is under His control, even evil. The evil one and sin were defeated at the Cross. And we have been given the very life of God to live in concert with Him, depending on Him, choosing truth and walking in that truth.

4. He is your Ally and Friend - There is nothing, and no one, more important to God than you! He accepts you fully in who you are and as you are. God's need for justice was satisfied at the Cross and His wrath toward evil was poured out upon His Son. Right before Jesus died He said, "It is finished." By grace, through faith you are now His for all eternity. (Eph. 2:8-9)

5. He is the Source for everything you need - He loves you. He's already forgiven you (past, present and future sins, so thank Him and move on!). He's crazy about you, because after everything He created he said, "It is good." He has given you an abundant life--a life that will never run out, fail you, or disappoint you. Whatever you need (not necessarily want), He has already provided in Jesus the Messiah--the gift of Life!

The unknown may be unknown to you, but it isn't unknown to God. We can trust Him with it and live in the present moment with confidence that God has got our back, He's on our side, and He's a DAD who loves us like no other. 

"...casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you."  1 Peter 5:7